Wedding Album Orders

After the guests have left, the cake has been eaten, and the dress has been hung, you want to ensure you never forget your wedding day. You want to re-live and share these memories for years to come at family gatherings, on anniversaries, and always. This is why wedding albums are so important. Having a tangible experience in today's digital world is often overlooked. I want to provide you with an incredible treasured wedding album that you can touch, feel, and experience the magic that was your wedding day all over again.

Wedding albums are hand made, flush mounted, and custom designed to create a timeless keepsake from your wedding day. Every album uses the finest materials and can be tailored to your own style and aesthetic to tell the story of your wedding day.  

Albums are hand bound with a lay flat binding with no gutter. All pages are printed on Fuji Crystal Archival Semi Matte photo paper with the option of a maximum of 40 spreads (80pages). Albums can be customized with your choice of photo, leather or linen covers with cameo cut outs and debossing options. All albums include Bri Johnson Weddings Logo on the back cover (see images above).

Engagement Album $750

* 8x8 Size

*choice of photo, leather or linen cover

*includes 12 spreads (24 pages)

*all images retouched

*comfortably holds 15-25 images

The Standard Wedding Album $1500

*10x10 Size

*choice of photo, leather or linen cover

*includes 20 spreads (40 pages)

*all images retouched

*comfortably holds 55-85 images


Additional Add Ons


8x8                 $1000

10x10             $1500

12x12             $1650

11x14             $1650


Additional Pages (40+) /Spreads (21 +):





Cover Options:

Debossing: $125

Custom Debossing $175

Cameo Cut Out $125

Photo Covers

Photo covers give you the freedom to artfully create cover designs that fit your style and individuality. A laminate film protects the covers from scratches, spills and the like. 


Leather albums embody a traditional, classic look that stands the test of time. Our range of Italian leathers offer varying grain size and texture. Our luxe leather is soft and suede-like. *** Swatch colors printed may not appear accurately. Please meet with Bri to view swatches in person.

Palomino Distressed, Mocassin Distressed, Chocolate Distressed, and Irish Cream Distressed Leathers

Gun Metal Leather

Luxe Leather

Luxe Leather is the softest, highest quality material we offer. Every touch is luxurious with a suede like feel.  *Luxe Leather choices are an additional $40 *** Swatch colors printed may not appear accurately. Please meet with Bri to view swatches in person.

Chai Luxe Leather with Carolyna Pro Custom Debossing

Charcoal & Alpine Luxe Leathers

Fog and Camel Luxe Leathers


Our premium linens and Japanese Silks bring a crisp, modern sophistication to any album. Choose from a selection of rich colors and patterns. *** Swatch colors printed may not appear accurately. Please meet with Bri to view swatches in person. 

Blue Smoke & Champagne Fabrics

Pistachio & Pure Linen Fabrics

Coastal Linen

The coastal linen collection is soft to the touch and perfect for colorful weddings. Choose from a dozen color options that offer a gorgeous, relaxed feel with a hint of playfulness. *** Swatch colors printed may not appear accurately. Please meet with Bri to view swatches in person.

Night, Sea Glass, & Seashell Coastal Linens

Lilac, Seashell, Sunset, Salmon, Sunrise, Ocean, Sea Glass, Sea Breeze, Sky, Night, and Sand Dune Coastal Linen.

Luxe Linen

The luxe linen is a high end single tone European linen. The deep colors and heavy thread gives sophistication to any book. *Luxe Linen choices are an additional $40   *** Swatch colors printed may not appear accurately. Please meet with Bri to view swatches in person.

Deep Sea & Frost Luxe Linens

Foil Debossing

* Exclusively for Luxe Linen Covers

* Choose gold, silver, or rose gold.

* Standard fonts or custom debossing available.

Parent Albums

Parent albums are great add-ons as gifts. The mini albums duplicate the larger album starting at 6x6 inches. Parent albums must be ordered at the same time as the main album for these prices. Parent albums are exact duplicates with no changes from the main album. Cameos and debossing are not available on parent albums due to size.



Main Album Size






Mini Size










Charcoal Luxe Leather

Chai Luxe Leather


Cameos are simple, subtle additions that can have a huge impact on the beauty of an album. Selecting the right photo and matching color tones with our fabrics really enhances the cover. 

Champagne Linen


Debossing really complements an album cover making it unique to the client. We offer standard debossing fonts (see below) as well as custom debossing giving you the freedom to use any font you’d like. Some photographers also add design embellishments, taking customization and individuality to the next level.

Chai Luxe Leather

Moccassin Distressed


  • BLIND DEBOSSING. All of our albums & books are blind debossed. This means no color is added to the stamp. However, some of our Luxe Leathers show a darker tone in the areas that are debossed (primarily seen on Latte, Chai & Camel – sometimes noticeable on Vino, Alpine & Fog).
  • HANDCRAFTED. Our albums & books are debossed by hand. This gives us complete control in every situation. Materials react differently to various fonts and custom designs, so our handcrafted process allows us to tailor each album impression.
  • COMPOSITION. Our materials are beautiful on their own – using cameos and debossing simultaneously can sometimes be distracting. When debossing, be mindful of the size of your album relative to the length of your phrases. Lengthy text may look great on a 12x12 album, but overbearing on an 8x8 album. Leaving some negative space on your cover is important, just like an album spread.
  • KNOW YOUR MATERIALS. Use the table below to learn which cover materials work best for various debossing options.


Standard debossing is our base-level debossing option. We offer 6 fonts including serif and sans-serif options. You can choose up to two lines of phrasing. 

Custom debossing allows you to create designs and fonts specific to each album.  It’s also perfect for couples who have a custom design for their wedding day (invitations, programs, et al.) And allows you to match your album to your wedding day designs.

We offer two sizes for custom debossing. Large designs can measure up to 7x3 inches and small designs up to 4x2.


With custom debossing, adding script fonts to your album is simple. Choose a font such as the popular Bombshell Pro seen below, then create your custom design.

Many people ask for a script font to be included with our standard debossing. With standard debossing, we use individual characters sequenced to match your phrase. Since script cannot have line breaks, we cannot piece together phrases with individual script letters. Instead, we have to create a custom die for your entire phrase, thus custom debossing makes it possible.

Wedding Album Information

Wedding albums are completely custom and hand made. After receiving your photo selection for your album it can take up to 4-8 weeks to design the album. All photos in the album are retouched and edited. Online album layouts are provided for client proofing and approval. Once the album is approved it can take up to 4-8 weeks for final delivery and shipment of the album. A fifty percent deposit of the total is due to begin the album layout and design and final payments are due upon approval of album. All albums must be ordered within one year of the wedding, any albums included in a package and not ordered by the one year anniversary are forfeit. All albums back cover contain Bri Johnson Weddings Logo.

Please fill out the preliminary wedding album order below. Bri Johnson will draft a final contract and pricing based on the information supplied below.

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Please choose a fabric, or leather color from above. If a photo cover album is desired please include the image number below.
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Please enter your debossing text. (Example: Sarah & Chris) Foil Stamping available only on Luxe Linen.
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Please write below the chosen font for custom debossing. (Additional $175)
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Please reference the chart above to select your cameo size choice below. (Additional $125)
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