The Process & What to Expect

Until you plan a wedding yourself, it's hard to know what comes next and when. Here you will learn about what the process of us working together will be like and when you should tackle each aspect along the way. I want to ensure we have an awesome journey that leaves you prepared for your wedding day, stress free, and ready to create the most gorgeous photos imaginable. 


Initial Contact + Contracts

We've talked about your wedding, met or video chatted, and talked about your wedding some more. Contracts are signed, retainers are submitted, and I am officially yours throughout this wedding journey.

Please know that Honeybooks is our workspace to keep track of all contact, information, schedules, contracts, payments, and more. We can even invite your other vendors into a sub-workspace to collaborate on details of your wedding day.

This typically happens 1 year to 6 months before your wedding date.



Engagement Session

Our first order of business after officially booking, is to plan the engagement session if you have decided an engagement session was right for you. If not, keep on heading down the list.

Engagement Sessions typically happen 6-8 months before your wedding date depending on how you plan on using the images.


Pre-Wedding Day Planning

I LOVE questionnaires. Questionnaires provide me with all the details and information needed to ensure your wedding day is stress free, flows smoothly, and we are able to capture everything you want.

The Wedding Day Timeline We've already started your timeline, but its a work in progress up until the wedding day. We will collaborate to create a day of schedule and flow of events that you are comfortable with and will allow for the best possible photography outcome on your wedding day.

The Formals Questionnaire This is a must have list of all the combinations of formal photos you would like taken the day of your wedding. This is sent to you a couple days after you officially book. It does not need to be filled out right away, but is a great wedding day aspect to start to think about.

Wedding Day Details Questionnaire 60 days before the wedding date you will fill out the final questionnaire with all the details for the day. This includes all vendors, addresses, and more information on your relationship.


The Wedding Day

It's finally here! THE DAY has arrived! It's time for you to relax while I work. I arrive to photograph your celebration, while you enjoy the day with friends and family. 

You will receive a few sneak peek photos of the wedding day a couple days after the wedding plus a post wedding day questionnaire.



4-8 weeks after your wedding day you will receive a full online gallery of your wedding photos. This is when you sit down with your partner and enjoy a night reliving the wedding day.

Once you approve the gallery, I will finish preparing your flash drive and order your prints. Then we get together one last time to deliver your photos, catch up, and talk about albums.

Reviews + Post Wedding Day Questionnaire.




If you have decided to invest in an album, we will begin the design process and talk more over the details to customize your album and really make it yours. 

Albums are pre-designed to take the weight off your shoulders after the wedding day. Image swap outs are no additional cost to really fine tune the album to perfection.