Couples Posing Guide

Let's be real, photoshoots can be AWKWARD, and I don't want anyone to experience that. I want you to enjoy our session and walk away being surprised by how much fun you had. So listen up, I have a few tips and poses to get you prepped, relaxed, and ready to walk into your session and create some magic.


Most Important Posing Tips


1. Shift your weight

If your standing stiff legged you most likely look stiff. Always shift your weight to your back leg. This takes the weight off your front leg, which is more flattering, but also lets you sit into your stance and look relaxed. Shifting your weight with your partner (almost like dancing) allows you both to move, look relaxed, and creates a dynamic element and variety to the images.


2. two hands - all the time

You're in love! Two hands on your partner at all times (unless I specifically direct you otherwise). You create more connection and intimacy with your partner (which totally shows in the photos) when you two are tangled and two hands are being used all the time.


3. Chin awareness

One of the most common things I say to everyone during a session is chin up slightly, everyone naturally seems to tuck their chin when they are being photographed. Chin up allows me to see your neck and keep your neck looking long, while creating a beautiful jawline.


Poses (in case you feel like practicing)


1. The Hipster

Bodies straight on to camera, straight legs, and small smiles.


2. The Cool Kids

Think varsity footballer and cheerleader with an arm thrown around the neck.


3. The Lead

Lead your partner, almost pulling them along, sometimes looking forward and sometimes back.


4. The embrace

This is the ultimate connection. Two arms wrapped around one another as close as you can get, knees intertwined, and hips together.


5. The Wrap Around

The come from behind hug, full of whispers in the ear.


6. The Pick-up

Scoop up from the front or jump on the back.


7. The Walk in the park

A straight forward walk while holding hands.