I got married: Bri & Tony's City Hall Wedding: Jersey City, NJ

How We Met:

Tony and I met in the fourth grade. He swears he remembers the exact moment on the playground, but I'll just have to trust his memory. We grew up together in a tiny rural town and dated throughout elementary, high school, and college until we bought a house together in Jersey City with our two kitties. Our relationship has had its ups and downs, but ultimately has stood the test of time and we are super excited to begin this new chapter in life together.

The Wedding Day:

We decided to have a no fuss intimate wedding ceremony at City Hall in Jersey City, where we live. Eventually we will throw a cocktail reception party for friends and family, but its hard to find an empty weekend since I have so many amazing couples getting married this year. Besides our official ceremony, I was excited to have my friends and colleagues help me make my wedding day special. I worked with vendors I've known and been friends with for years. I was most looking forward to getting a portrait at our house with our furry children, which of course they did not cooperate.

Bri's Wedding Planning Tip:

Trust your own decisions and intuition. Do what feels right for you. Things can become complicated and stressful when you have too much input coming in from all directions.

Photographer: Elvira Kalviste

Florist: Laura Clare Design

Officiant: Councilman Danny Rivera

Bridal Gown Designer: Adrianna Pappell

Bridal Shoes: Nina

Bridal Jewelry: Macys

Wedding Hair & Makeup by: Beauty By Nicole

Wedding Bands + Engagement Ring: Grandmothers wedding rings redesigned: D'Antonio & Klein Jewelers

Groom's Jacket & Shirt: Calvin Klein

Groom's Accessories: Wedding Band by Enso

Honeymoon: Snowboarding at Lake Placid

Wintery Surprise Central Park Proposal Photography: Bethesda Arcade, NYC

Diana & Ryan's The Fiesta Banquet Wedding Photography: Woodridge, NJ

Diana and Ryan kicked off 2018 with their January winter wedding at The Fiesta Banquet Hall in New Jersey. The couple braved chilly 20 degree weather for their first look, and then warmed up inside with the signing of their custom made Ketubah by a close friend. They enjoyed a gorgeous dual faith ceremony (Judaism and Presbyterian) where they shared both traditions and sentiments with all their guests. The dance floor opened up immediately with an energetic Hora, with an epic chandelier crash. The party continued well into the evening and even included another brave trip outside with sparklers.

How We Met: 

Her Version: I met Ryan at the mall with his best friend our sophomore year of high school and he was so quiet. Barely spoke a word. Then our junior year, we were in math class together. He sat on the opposite side of the classroom. He eventually moved his seat to sit behind me. I may have provoked that but i don't remember. We were just friends because he had a girlfriend at the time. They broke up and then months later we became more friendly. By our senior year we started dating. Fast forward to 2015, when Ryan proposed. He had just come back from boot camp a month before. We went on a hike fourth of July weekend. He asked where I'd rather go, either the lake or to the top. We ended up going to the top and he said he would take a picture with me facing away from the camera. I found out later this is when he was setting up his phone for a video and was getting the ring. Then he said he got it and I turned around when he asked me to marry him.

His Version: We first met by a mutual friend but I was to shy to talk to Diana and she didn't like me because i wouldn't talk. I took Diana hiking with the ring in my back pack. We got to the top of the mountain and I told her to stand facing away from me with arms out, that i saw a cool picture like that. She turned around as my hand was in the bag holding the ring. She told me not to push her. Then after she turned back around i pulled the ring out and my phone to record. At first she kind of got mad cuz she thought i was giving her one earring. I stuttered while proposing but she still said yes.

Diana's Wedding Planning Tip: Don't wait until last minute even if you have a lot of time!

Venue: The Fiesta

Cake: Palermo's Bakery

Wedding Band: LJDJs

Officiant: Rabbi Steve Meltz & Minister Richard Hong

Videographer: Montclair Studio

Invitations: Minted

Bridesmaid Dresses: Azaie

Bridal Shoes: Adrianna Papell

Bridal Jewelry: Givenchy & Macy's

Wedding Hair & Makeup by: Alyssa Shackil

Groom's Tuxedo: Air Force Mess Dress

Groomsmen Attire: Formals Only

Honeymoon: TBD

Wedding Planning: Why Have An Unplugged Ceremony?

Why have an Unplugged Ceremony?

You've spent months planning each and every wedding detail, invited your closest friends and family to enjoy an evening of celebration, and hired professionals to ensure your wedding day is documented and flows effortlessly. An unplugged ceremony, where guests refrain from using ipads, cellphones, and cameras to take video or photos is one of the best ways to create a present and beautiful ceremony.



Imagine every person who has played a role in your life, is watching you exchange vows with your loved one and experiencing the excitement, love, and pure happiness that surrounds your union. Guests can truly be present and in the moment during your ceremony when they are not distracted by trying to grab a photo for facebook, snapchat, instagram, etc. After they grab the photo, they check to see which frame is perfect, maybe write a caption AND make sure the photo uploads properly to the internet, instead of baring witness to your union. Grandma should be able to hear every vow, friends should be able to see you walk down the aisle clearly, and every guest should experience your wedding as a honored guest.



If all guests are present and enjoying the ceremony, there are less distractions and more focus on what really matters, your union.  There won't be any guests trying to capture "good" shots, distractions by devices on sticks, or unnecessary noise and movement.



You've hired and trusted a professional to capture your wedding day so that your guests can enjoy the celebration, and you can rest assured the professional will capture the emotion and moments throughout the day. Your photographer will be able to capture the best shots of your day if guests are seated and enjoying the ceremony, and not hiding behind a screen or device or blocking a moment or view to get their shot.


How To Plan An Unplugged Ceremony?

If you've decided that an unplugged ceremony is right for you and your wedding day, here are a few ways to make the decision go over smoothly for everyone.



There are a lot of ways you can let your guests know that you are having an unplugged ceremony before the actual wedding day and beautiful custom designed signs to remind them the day of the wedding  Here are a few common ideas.

1. An informational page on your wedding website letting guests know you have decided to have an unplugged ceremony. Guests are already checking your wedding website for details about your big day, here you can also include a link to your custom wedding gallery where guests can pre-register to be notified when the photo gallery is live after the wedding day. (Ask Bri for your gallery link if you want to include it on your wedding website.) Guests are typically more apt to refrain from using their own devices when they know they will be directly emailed a link to the wedding photos.

2. Add a note in your wedding day program.

3. Custom signs before entering the ceremony site that remind guests to leave their phones off.

4. A vocal announcement from the officiant.



1. "Welcome to our unplugged ceremonyplease turn off all cellphones & cameras and enjoy this special moment with us. Thank you.

2. "We invite you to be fully present with us at our unplugged ceremony, kindly turn off your phones & cameras."

3. " Welcome! We invite you to sit back, relax, and enjoy the ceremony. We kindly ask you to please turn off all cameras & cell phones during the ceremony. We will gladly share our professional photos with you. Thank you."

4. " We would love to see your faces, not your devices. Please put away your phone and cameras until after the ceremony. Plus our photographer is awesome and will share."

5. "No Pictures, Pretty Please. We invite you to sit back, relax, and enjoy the ceremony. We respectfully ask that you leave your phones, cameras, and other devices away during the ceremony. Our amazing team of professionals will capture every moment of our wedding ceremony."

Though it is not required to have an unplugged ceremony, I encourage you to think about how you envision your ceremony and the experience for you and your guests.


The Dominquez Family Celebrates Christmas: Rutherford, NJ

Rigel & Yasmin's Maternity Photography Session: Hoboken, NJ

I had the pleasure of photographing Rigel and Yasmin in the home stretch of their pregnancy. We spent some time in studio celebrating this momentous occasion of their first child. Congratulations!

Chris & Quinn's Cairnwood Estate Wedding Photography: Bryn Athyn, PA

WOW! What an amazing November day. Quinn and Chris enjoyed a beautiful fall wedding at Cairnwood Estate that made for spectacular photos. These two actually kept ME laughing all day with their positive attitudes and quirky humor. I couldn't have been more honored to photograph their wedding day.

How We Met: So a guy walks into a bar...we met at a bar four and a half years ago. We went on a date the very next day to see a terrible movie ('Admission' with Paul Rudd and Tina Fey. Who knew it would be that bad?!), left early, and got ice cream. Chris then surprised me by coming to my comedy show and date #2 occurred. we've been together since. Chris proposed  in OBX in September 2016 on the beach, almost in the ocean hours before a hurricane. He's daring.

The Wedding Day: Chris and Quinn began their royal inspired wedding day at Cairnwood Estate where both the bride and groom got ready in the historic estate. The two traveled to Christ the King Church were they exchanged vows and finally saw one another for the first time that day. After the ceremony, everyone headed back to Cairnwood Estate for an intimate and elegant dinner party wedding.

Quinn's Wedding Planning Tip: Check out www.qustomquinns.com/blog. Quinn has blogged about her entire wedding planning experience!

Featured in: Philly in Love Blog

Venue: Cairnwood Estate

Florist & Decor: Mother of the Bride

Catering: Karen Spire

Cake: Ciao Bella Cakes

Wedding Band: New York Ceremony Music

Dj: Nick Luchko

Officiant: Father Michael Ryan

Invitations: Zazzle

Bridal Gown Designer: Allure Bridal

Bridal Shoes: Sarah Jessica Parker

Wedding Hair & Makeup by: Bride + Bridesmaids

Wedding Bands + Engagement Ring: Le vian Jewelry

Honeymoon: Chris + Quinn leave the morning after the wedding. Quinn planned the entire wedding, so Chris booked the honeymoon at an undisclosed location (for 2 full weeks). It's a surprise! 

Ak & Gabby's Fall Central Park Engagement Photography: NYC

I met Ak & Gabby bright and early in Central Park (because that is the only time you can take photos in the park with no tourists in the background) for their fall engagement session. Ak proposed last year in the park, so it made the perfect backdrop for their engagement session. We had incredible weather, beautiful light, and the park mostly to ourselves for a fun filled and romantic tour around the park.

The Proposal: It was August 13th 2016, we woke up one Saturday morning with no plans. We started googling things going on around Danbury, CT and in NYC/Philadelphia. We decided to go to the city and watch The Book of Mormon. After checking into our hotel AK had this brilliant idea of going to Central Park on a 99 degree day with no breeze to walk around and sightsee. One location after another and he was still determined to keep going.. I kept thinking man he's in a weird mood this is so out of character for him, but he's super determined to go see this fountain and this bridge. We finally made it to the fountain and he unenthusiastically shrugged his shoulders and decided we needed to go to the bridge while I was trying to take pictures of this "very important" fountain we just needed to sweat out 10lbs to see. I followed him over to Bow Bridge where we stopped about midway and began to overlook the water and the city skyline. He grabbed my hand and started going over every trip we have ever had to the city and all the great memories we have shared in a place so dear to our hearts. I felt his hand start to get even clammier than it should for the hot day, that's when he got down on one knee and asked me to marry him! I was completely shocked because he kept telling me he had this elaborately planned proposal and we literally made these plans that morning! We then sat on a bench nearby where I admired my ring as we called our family to share the news. We have been wedding planning ever since!