Ak & Gabby's Fall Central Park Engagement Photography: NYC

I met Ak & Gabby bright and early in Central Park (because that is the only time you can take photos in the park with no tourists in the background) for their fall engagement session. Ak proposed last year in the park, so it made the perfect backdrop for their engagement session. We had incredible weather, beautiful light, and the park mostly to ourselves for a fun filled and romantic tour around the park.

The Proposal: It was August 13th 2016, we woke up one Saturday morning with no plans. We started googling things going on around Danbury, CT and in NYC/Philadelphia. We decided to go to the city and watch The Book of Mormon. After checking into our hotel AK had this brilliant idea of going to Central Park on a 99 degree day with no breeze to walk around and sightsee. One location after another and he was still determined to keep going.. I kept thinking man he's in a weird mood this is so out of character for him, but he's super determined to go see this fountain and this bridge. We finally made it to the fountain and he unenthusiastically shrugged his shoulders and decided we needed to go to the bridge while I was trying to take pictures of this "very important" fountain we just needed to sweat out 10lbs to see. I followed him over to Bow Bridge where we stopped about midway and began to overlook the water and the city skyline. He grabbed my hand and started going over every trip we have ever had to the city and all the great memories we have shared in a place so dear to our hearts. I felt his hand start to get even clammier than it should for the hot day, that's when he got down on one knee and asked me to marry him! I was completely shocked because he kept telling me he had this elaborately planned proposal and we literally made these plans that morning! We then sat on a bench nearby where I admired my ring as we called our family to share the news. We have been wedding planning ever since!