Wedding Planning: Why Have An Unplugged Ceremony?

Why have an Unplugged Ceremony?

You've spent months planning each and every wedding detail, invited your closest friends and family to enjoy an evening of celebration, and hired professionals to ensure your wedding day is documented and flows effortlessly. An unplugged ceremony, where guests refrain from using ipads, cellphones, and cameras to take video or photos is one of the best ways to create a present and beautiful ceremony.



Imagine every person who has played a role in your life, is watching you exchange vows with your loved one and experiencing the excitement, love, and pure happiness that surrounds your union. Guests can truly be present and in the moment during your ceremony when they are not distracted by trying to grab a photo for facebook, snapchat, instagram, etc. After they grab the photo, they check to see which frame is perfect, maybe write a caption AND make sure the photo uploads properly to the internet, instead of baring witness to your union. Grandma should be able to hear every vow, friends should be able to see you walk down the aisle clearly, and every guest should experience your wedding as a honored guest.



If all guests are present and enjoying the ceremony, there are less distractions and more focus on what really matters, your union.  There won't be any guests trying to capture "good" shots, distractions by devices on sticks, or unnecessary noise and movement.



You've hired and trusted a professional to capture your wedding day so that your guests can enjoy the celebration, and you can rest assured the professional will capture the emotion and moments throughout the day. Your photographer will be able to capture the best shots of your day if guests are seated and enjoying the ceremony, and not hiding behind a screen or device or blocking a moment or view to get their shot.


How To Plan An Unplugged Ceremony?

If you've decided that an unplugged ceremony is right for you and your wedding day, here are a few ways to make the decision go over smoothly for everyone.



There are a lot of ways you can let your guests know that you are having an unplugged ceremony before the actual wedding day and beautiful custom designed signs to remind them the day of the wedding  Here are a few common ideas.

1. An informational page on your wedding website letting guests know you have decided to have an unplugged ceremony. Guests are already checking your wedding website for details about your big day, here you can also include a link to your custom wedding gallery where guests can pre-register to be notified when the photo gallery is live after the wedding day. (Ask Bri for your gallery link if you want to include it on your wedding website.) Guests are typically more apt to refrain from using their own devices when they know they will be directly emailed a link to the wedding photos.

2. Add a note in your wedding day program.

3. Custom signs before entering the ceremony site that remind guests to leave their phones off.

4. A vocal announcement from the officiant.



1. "Welcome to our unplugged ceremonyplease turn off all cellphones & cameras and enjoy this special moment with us. Thank you.

2. "We invite you to be fully present with us at our unplugged ceremony, kindly turn off your phones & cameras."

3. " Welcome! We invite you to sit back, relax, and enjoy the ceremony. We kindly ask you to please turn off all cameras & cell phones during the ceremony. We will gladly share our professional photos with you. Thank you."

4. " We would love to see your faces, not your devices. Please put away your phone and cameras until after the ceremony. Plus our photographer is awesome and will share."

5. "No Pictures, Pretty Please. We invite you to sit back, relax, and enjoy the ceremony. We respectfully ask that you leave your phones, cameras, and other devices away during the ceremony. Our amazing team of professionals will capture every moment of our wedding ceremony."

Though it is not required to have an unplugged ceremony, I encourage you to think about how you envision your ceremony and the experience for you and your guests.