Aren & Kiara's The George and Pig & Prince Engagement Photography: Montclair, NJ

Another incredible engagement session wrapped! Aren & Kiara met me for a spring engagement session full of inclement weather and laughs in their favorite town of Montclair NJ. They both love, Montclair and the town has many restaurants, shops, and streets that hold meaningful memories from throughout their relationship. We began the session at The George, a boutique hotel, where Aren & Kiara will get ready the morning of their wedding day. I cannot wait to head back in a couple months to take advantage of the beautiful rooms and decor while they are getting ready. Next we headed to one of their favorite restaurant, Pig & Prince to explore the area and enjoy the incredible architecture inside the restaurant. We wrapped up the session with sore cheeks from smiling and wandered the streets of Montclair.

The Proposal

From Kiara:

The day Aren proposed to me was the day we were celebrating 3 years together. He had gone out of his way to place a dress on hold for me to wear on our date to see Anastasia on Broadway (a childhood favorite movie of mine). Afterwards we rode back into town and he took me to get frozen yogurt at the same spot we decided to date and spend our lives together just over 3 years prior. When we entered there were balloons and a photographer and he asked me to marry him. I said yes of course and in a daze we ate frozen yogurt together, had a mini photo shoot downtown and then went to Essex Junction in Bloomfield where all of our friends and family had gathered to celebrate with us. It was a magical day.

From Aren:

The proposal was difficult for me because I wanted to make it something memorable and over complex, but where would I find time to train multiple corgis to perform a flash mob engagement? Instead I decided to plan a day with several events that would incorporate multiple aspects of your relationship. First, we went to a play in NYC called Anastasia which happened to be one of her top 3 animated movies. Second, we got to dress up for the play and she got to wear a beautiful dress along side me in my suit. Third, I actually proposed at the site where we had our next morning conversation and first decided to get married...we also got free frozen yogurt. Last, we had a small engagement party where friends and family joined us hours after I proposed to congratulate us and take a ton of pictures!

Wedding Day Anticipations:

We are looking forward to getting ready with our close family and friends and having pictures to capture all of the silly and special moments of the group together.  At our sibling's wedding we got a sense of what the ceremony would be like, but we can't wait for ours. Our church ceremony if going to be a very special moment for the both of us knowing that we are committing to one another officially. We'll be solidifying the promises we've already made each other in front of all the people that mean the most to us. Afterwards, of course, the reception and DANCE PARTY! We love to dance with each other and we love to see everyone dancing with us. So, this is where we'll get to go all out! We want everyone to be laughing and loving life with us and enjoying the time they took to come spend celebrating.