Eric & Victoria's The Palace at Somerset Park Wedding Photography: Somerset, NJ

 Eric & Victoria celebrated their union through an interfaith ceremony on a romantically rainy day at The Palace at Somerset Park in NJ. The two enjoyed an incredibly classic and timeless wedding day, where their devotion to each other was beautiful and the scenery was set with classic white flowers with greenery and gold tones. Eric started the day with a surprise boudoir album from Victoria that put a smile on his face and Victoria enjoyed a surprise slideshow that Eric put together of their time throughout their relationship. After a few tears and much celebrations the two dominated the dance floor with a spectacular first dance and enjoyed the evening with signature cocktails and a cigar roller to cap off the night.

The Proposal

His Version:

I decided pretty early on that I knew I was going to propose to Vic. She was everything that I ever wanted in a wife and I knew she was the one. In March of last year I told my parents I was going to propose to Vic by the end of the year. Over the next couple months I spoke to her father, got the ring, and planned out the surprise engagement and a party to follow The day of the proposal was a disaster, it was pouring raining all day with no end in site. The Jets (my favorite team) were getting destroyed in a game they should have won. And to boot I lost all of my fantasy football games and all of my bets. I was not in a good mood. Slowly but surely the rain stopped and Vic and I made our way to Battery Park where my boss and coworker were hiding to record the whole thing. As we approached the spot I got the single from my boss that he had the shot and I got down on one knee and proposed. I don’t remember much, but I do remember needing two hands to put the ring on her because my hands were shaking so much After we finished taking some pictures at Battery Park we walked to a bar on Stone Street where to Vic’s surprise about 30 of our closest family and friends were waiting to celebrate with us. After a rocky start, it ended up going perfectly and I wouldn’t have changed anything.

Her Version:

Eric always talked about his coworkers (OK - I pulled details out of him) but I had never met any of them. Can you imagine my excitement when he mentioned he was getting an award at work and there was a whole dinner for his group?! Eric's quiet, and sometimes reserved, and nothing makes me happier than showing him and his accomplishments off! I was pumped. Dinner was to be held on Sunday, and luckily near our apartment - which worked out and made sense because Eric's job was located nearby downtown. 

It was Sunday and the Jets were on. So for me, Eric was glued to the TV. He obviously tells the story different but BOY did he pull off his nervousness. For all I knew, he was upset the Jets were still playing like crap! I got all dolled up and we headed out. We decided to walk because it wasn't far and the rain had cleared up (now also understanding his nervousness all day!) We walk one block, and I noticed some fuzz on the back of Eric's jacket, as I try to take it off for him, he FREAKS OUT and JUMPS AWAY like I had a gun to his back. (again - knowing the remaining details and having the ring in his pocket makes this hilarious for me). He's fidgety so I just chalked it up to that and didn't think twice. Chatty Cathy as I am, I made him talk the entire walk, asking him to remind me of who's who from his coworkers, to make sure I was ready to meet everyone and not sound dumb. We're walking through Battery Park (God Bless him, he even asked if I wanted to put my heels on (for the photos) and I of course said no because we still had a little ways to go, gotta save those feet!). We get to the pier to wait for his boss. This is where I blacked out completely... Eric began to tell me how much he loved me... and I jokingly brushed him off, "Eric stop being so mushy! Your boss is going to be here!" (sorry, babe) Once he shut me up, he reached into his pocket, and got down on one knee.... in case this story doesn't show how shocked I was, Eric had both a video and photos being taken to document my mouth GAPED OPEN with shock and surprise. Which then followed into dropping my bag and covering my mouth in awe. He asked for my hand, and I followed with an appropriate "OF COURSE!" with kisses and crying ensuing after. It. Was. Perfect. Nothing could've made this day better and I couldn't believe he pulled it off.

Afterwards, he surprised me even more with our friends and family at our favorite bar.. Again with more kisses and tears. (I'm mushy, I can't help myself!) Eric surprises me everyday with his kindness and love, but nothing surprised me like knowing the effort he put in to making this day the most special of my entire life. Knowing how he kept this from me and asked my dad, told my family, told all of my friends (and changed their names as contacts in his phone so I would never know he was texting them) just shows me the effort he has put forth and the effort I know he'll put into our family.

Victoria's Wedding Planning Tip:

Plan it together! I'm a control freak and Eric is so wonderfully laid back, but having him give his opinion on things helped to center my focus and not make me go crazy! Having him manage some of the details himself took a lot of pressure off me and allowed him to really take part in the planning process!


Venue: The Palace at Somerset Park

Florist: Fortune Flowers

Wedding Band: East Side Stories

Officiant: Father Richard Nelson & Cantor Beth Hancock

Videographer: Live Picture Studios

Invitations: Curious Designs by yajaira borrero

Bridal Gown Designer: Stella York

Bridal Shoes: Jimmy Choo

Wedding Hair & Makeup by: Pink Comb Studio & Nicole Livia Beauty

Groom's Attire: Rowma Designs

Honeymoon: Cape Town South Africa and Kruger National Park for a Safari