Haesol & Liam's Pyebaek Ceremony: Kum Gang San Restaurant, Queens, NY

Haesol & Liam celebrated their rehearsal dinner/Pyebaek Ceremony two days before their wedding day at Kum Gang San restaurant in Queens, NY. They had a fun and modern Pyebaek Ceremony where both the bride and groom’s families were able to play a role in the ceremony. The traditional ceremonial garb was colorful, elaborate, and a beautiful way to celebrate a union. The ceremony began with deep bowing between the couple and parents, a wine offering, and an offering of Korean dates and chestnuts that symbolize how many children the couple might have (I think Haesol and Liam caught at least 10 dates/chestnuts in total! Oh my!). After the ceremony, the families and couple enjoyed a traditional Korean dinner. I cannot wait to photograph their wedding in two days! Venue: Kum Gang San Restaurant