Haesol & Liam's Crest Hollow Country Club Wedding Photography: Long Island, NY

Liam loves history and Haesol loves glam, their art deco inspired wedding day at Crest Hollow Country Club in Long Island was the perfect combination of both of their styles to celebrate their union. Haesol started the day with a faux first look prank on Liam. As Liam turned expecting to see Haesol, she sent out their two dogs dressed up for the wedding. Once Haesol joined Liam for the real first look, they were ready to tackle their wedding day together. Liam’s father officiated their ceremony while both Liam and Haesol wrote their own vows to one another. After a few happy tears were shed, the party started with seven piece band Bellatonic!

The Proposal

His Version:

I was thinking of something nice to do that wasn't too over the top, but was still a nice memorable moment. So I asked her if she wanted to go to the botanical gardens in Brooklyn. I was pretty sure she knew exactly why I was asking her to do it because she had been pressuring me about our wedding for a while. I was looking for a nice place to stop and pop the question but she kept wanting to walk through the gardens more. Basically she was hinting that she wanted me to ask the question later in the day, but I was nervous so I wanted to get it over with. We eventually found a nice little rose garden and went under a trellis and I popped the question. I was very relieved when she said yes, but then she said she wanted me to do it again but this time with more feeling. So we went over to a bench and I asked her a second time.

Her Version:

I knew he was going to propose because he asked me if I wanted to go to the Brooklyn Botanical gargens and I said 'oh sure, why?' and his voice went up literally 4 octaves when replying with 'no reason!' So we went on a Saturday afternoon when it was literally 98 degrees outside and I was dying and sweating. Liam was taking every opportunity to get the proposal out of the way because he was very nervous. He kept fidgeting and complaining that he wanted 'to sit somewhere quiet' but I knew he was just trying to get the proposal out of the way and I knew that Brooklyn Botanical gardens had a rose garden and I thought it would be nice if we went there. So we finally make our way over there, and we see that every 100 yards or so there were these lovely rose trellises. So we find one that has less foot traffic, but as he goes down on his knee, three elderly Hispanic women in their walkers are walking behind him muttering 'asshole' in Spanish as they pass by because he was in their way while they were trying to pass by. But he was also so nervous he just sputtered out 'willyoumarryme' and then got right back up again. It was sweet but I felt like kind of jipped! So I said that's all you have to say to me? You can't profess your undying love or nothing? So we walked over to a quiet bench where he professed his love and undying devotion and I cried a little and I felt better about it.

Wedding Planning Tip:

If you're having a really big wedding, form follows function. Try to think strategically about how things need to work for the sake of efficiency! But don't get too hung up on stuff that comes up because you can't possibly predict everything that happens, so just let it go, it's not a big deal!


Venue:  Crest Hollow Country Club @cresthollowcountryclub

Florist: Jack and Rose @jackandroseflorist

Wedding Band: Bellatonic @bellatonicmusic

Officiant: Jordan Smith (Groom's Father)

Invitations: Wedding Paper Divas

Bridal Gown Designer: Allure @allurebridals from Paisley Bridal @paisleybridal

Bridal Shoes: YSL

Wedding Makeup by: Lauren Whitworth @laurenmakeupnyc

Groom's Attire: The Black Tux @theblacktux

Honeymoon: Dubrovnik, Croatia