All Things Boudoir - Why You Don't Want to Miss Out On A Session And What To Expect


Why Do A Boudoir Session & What To Expect

On the outside, boudoir can look intimidating, daunting or just plain scary. A lot of what we see in the media could actually skew your idea of what boudoir actually is. Boudoir isn’t just for runway-ready Victoria’s Secret models. It’s a truly unique and special way to celebrate you, no matter where you’re at in life and no matter what kind of body you rock. If you’re feeling unsure, know that everything is planned and designed to help you get into the groove, feel confident and look amazing for your session. Feeling too awkward, clumsy or unsure about whether you can rock the boudoir life? I have some things to consider that might change your mind. Here are just a few reasons you should consider having a boudoir session.


Trust me, boudoir is meant to empower you. The moment you turn on the TV, log in to Instagram or take a walk through the local department store, you’re bombarded with society’s idea of beauty. It’s easy to feel powerless against all of what society expects of us and our bodies. If we were to try and embrace society’s idea of what we should look like we’ll probably end up a miserable mess. Boudoir doesn’t care about what society thinks you should look like-- it’s about embracing who you are right now. You are beautiful-- no matter what kind of body you rock. It’s the job of a boudoir photographer to capture your beauty. And believe me, you are beautiful. And there is something truly boosting about having good photos to remind you of that.


Boudoir should be seen as a celebration. No matter where you’re at in life. It doesn’t matter whether you’re engaged, pregnant or getting a divorce, boudoir is meant as a celebration. I know of very little problems in life that can’t be fixed by a good set of sexy lingerie, lipstick, and good lighting. What better way to honor a breakup than getting some bodacious photos of yourself naked? If you’re surprising your future spouse, documenting your baby bod or getting over a breakup-- boudoir is here for you. We want to celebrate the unique shape of your body.

A Good Time

A nice glass of champagne, good music and a great shade of lipstick is a guaranteed formula for a good time. Leave your stress, unfinished e-mails, upcoming appointments, and unread DMs at the door. This is you time.


What You Can Expect

 1. Step-by-Step Planning

Of course, you can expect an array of gorgeously curated fine-art photos. But you can also expect a few other things. If you’re unsure on how to prepare, what to wear or where to get it, you can count on me as your photographer. I’m the expert on where to find makeup artists, lingerie and ideas for how to pose. Don’t be intimated. I have your back.

2. Privacy

Another thing you don’t have to worry about is privacy. Your privacy is of the utmost importance to me and a photographer can never go around showing your intimate photos to everyone they know. If you’re feeling shy, don’t be afraid to let me know this. Rest assured, I have your back.

3. Location

If you’re worried about location-- know that you can have your shoot virtually anywhere. I always recommend my own own studio in Jersey City for privacy and ease, but If you’re most comfortable in the luxury of your own bedroom, don’t be afraid to suggest it! Hotels are also a great idea if you have a favorite in mind as well.

4. What to wear?

Worried about what to wear? I understand. This can be a challenge but it shouldn’t keep you from getting photos taken. As an experienced boudoir photographer, I have a lot of references for you. There are a plethora of styles, colors, and fabrics-- you’re guaranteed to find something that suits your style and personality.