Rehearsal Dinners

Haesol & Liam's Pyebaek Ceremony: Kum Gang San Restaurant, Queens, NY

Haesol & Liam celebrated their rehearsal dinner/Pyebaek Ceremony two days before their wedding day at Kum Gang San restaurant in Queens, NY. They had a fun and modern Pyebaek Ceremony where both the bride and groom’s families were able to play a role in the ceremony. The traditional ceremonial garb was colorful, elaborate, and a beautiful way to celebrate a union. The ceremony began with deep bowing between the couple and parents, a wine offering, and an offering of Korean dates and chestnuts that symbolize how many children the couple might have (I think Haesol and Liam caught at least 10 dates/chestnuts in total! Oh my!). After the ceremony, the families and couple enjoyed a traditional Korean dinner. I cannot wait to photograph their wedding in two days! Venue: Kum Gang San Restaurant

Molly & Aaron's City Grill Rehearsal Dinner Photography: Rochester, NY

Leslie & Charlie's The Kittle House Rehearsal Dinner Photography: Chappaqua, NY

Rehearsal Dinner's are such an amazing and important part of the wedding day weekend. I love when I have the opportunity to photograph a couple with their friends and family in a casual, stress free environment on the eve of their wedding day. It's amazing to hear the truly intimate family stories and watch the sweet interactions between all. Leslie and Charlie were introduced by a friend who knew they were perfect for one another. After a first meeting (in pajamas!) the two dated long distance for almost a year, until Leslie made a move to Boston where Charlie was. After many travel adventures together, trail runs, summer paddle boarding, and winter skiing, the two were incredibly excited to capture the eve on their wedding day.


Venue: Crabtree's Kittle House