Caitlin & Avo's Winter Central Park Engagement Session: New York, NY

With Winter wrapping up and the promise of warmer weather, I was able to spend Sunday St. Patrick’s Day in Central Park with Caitlin and Avo. It was a chilly morning with the park bustling full from the NYC half marathon runners and supporters everywhere, but we managed to find a few quiet spots to enjoy while taking photos and chatting about their wedding planning. I CANNOT wait for you all to see Caitlin’s dress come this fall, She shared a few sneak peeks and I am blown away! We warmed up post session with a coffee and then they enjoyed a date day in NYC at the Knick’s game and dinner.

The Proposal

From Avo:

I decided to surprise Caitlin during the proposal with a Disney Princess Castle Lego set that we were working on together for some time and I decided to complete the set while she was at work on the day I planned to propose. I also installed small lights throughout the castle to illuminate it and finished off the rest of the proposal with flowers and candles decorated throughout her apartment. She walked into her apartment as I waited for her to come home to her surprise proposal!

From Katie:

The proposal was a complete surprise. He did it on a random day after I got out of work and I had no idea. I was actually frustrated with him because we had plans to meet after work at my apartment to plan a vacation and when I got home and he was not there yet. Much to my surprise, he was actually hiding in my apartment unbeknownst to me so when I went upstairs he had set up my apartment with flowers and candles and had my Tiffany engagement ring perched at the top of the Disney Lego castle we had been working on together. I actually had to tell him to put the ring on me because he was so nervous! It really was exactly what I wanted out of a proposal; private and special.

Wedding Day Anticipations:

We're most looking forward to celebrating with our family and friends but especially excited to blend our 2 families together.

The Perfect Weekend Together:

Cozy, sitting by the fire, having some drinks and just goofing off with each other.

Wedding Date:

October 5, 2019