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Wedding Planning: Fun Props On Your Wedding Day

Using props are an incredibly fun addition to any party, especially your wedding. Not only is incorporating fun objects into your special day a joyous opportunity, but it also allows for gorgeous photography. Whether throwing confetti to portray the excitement of your wedding day or using sparklers as a romantic exit, the result will be incredible, fun, and an exciting part of the the day you can look forward to!

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Wedding Planning: Why Everyone Should Print Their Wedding Photographs

Your wedding photos are insanely important and valuable. You’ve invested a huge amount of time, most likely money, and emotions into your wedding day.

How are you going to enjoy these memories if they only live on your computer?

Most of our images live on digital devices today, but your wedding photos shouldn't. Its important to preserve and be able to enjoy these memories for years to come. In ten years, we most likely wont be using USB drives anymore, but we will most definitely be enjoying printed photographs.

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