Fall Liberty State Park Engagement Photography: Jersey City, NJ

Tomas and Lindsay live in Jersey City, where Tomas popped the question to Lindsay (specifically Liberty State Park) so it was the perfect place to take their engagement photos. We met up on a beautiful day that turned stormy right as our session began. Torrential rain with thunder and lighting prevented us from completing the session, but we did manage a good 15 minutes of photos before the rain began with their family dog Bodey. We decided it best that we reschedule and we are so glad that we did. Round two came complete with the perfect weather and even a sunset glow. It was a blast exploring LSP with these two and learning all about the proposal spot!

The Proposal

From Tomas:

For the proposal, I reenacted our first date. I took her to Huntley Taverne in Summit and then we drove to Liberty State Park. Thankfully the weather was perfect and it was a beautiful night. I was really nervous! I had practiced in my head the speech I was going to give over and over again but one thing I didn't think of was how to keep the ring hidden. The ring box was way bigger than I expected and left a noticeable bulge in my pants pockets. I was worried she was going to notice it and my surprise was going to get blown. I made sure I kept Lindsay on my other side as we walked around the park that night. Since it was such a nice night out, there were a lot of families with kids running around. I stalled and waited for them to leave before we found a quieter spot. I gave the speech I had practiced, telling Lindsay why I thought she was so incredible and why I loved her so much. In typical fashion, Linds replied "Ehh you're alright." She then realized that I was down on one knee next to her with a ring in my hand! She instantly grabbed me and started hugging and kissing me. After about a minute of us both being overcome with emotions, I said, "so is that a yes?" Amid the mayhem of the moment, she technically hadn't given me a verbal answer. She responded with, "OF COURSE!" I put the ring on her and we were officially engaged!

From Lindsay:

Tomas and I had been together for six years before he proposed so while I knew we would end up together, I had no idea when he would pop the question. We had just returned from an incredible trip to Hawaii so my suspicions were nonexistent. He recreated our first date and took me to one of our favorite restaurant and afterwards to Liberty State Park (we're both suckers for a great view). We were leaning against the railing and next thing I knew he was down on one knee. I honestly have no idea what he said beforehand because as soon as I saw him kneeling I burst into tears. Tomas had to clarify if tears actually counted as a real yes and I think I eventually squeaked out an 'of course!'. All in all, the night was absolutely perfect and totally us.

Wedding Day Anticipations:

Seeing Tomas break it down on the dance floor, getting to celebrate with all our closest family and friends and the first look since it will be the first time we see each other all day and it will just be us!

The Perfect Weekend Together:

Homemade breakfast with a crossword puzzle. Hiking to a phenomenal viewpoint (which Tomas has researched extensively including looking at 8 million pictures online while Lindsay refuses to see anything ahead of time) followed by a farm to table restaurant or craft brewery.

Wedding Date:

May 24, 2020