Summer, Islip Grange Park, Engagement Session: Sayville, NY

Wow! What an amazing and unique engagement session with the perfect meaningful backdrop for Sami and Nick as a couple. Nick and Sami both grew up in Sayville, NY where Nick has been a part of the Sayville volunteer fire department for thirteen years and Sami’s grandparents lived across from the Islip Grange Park where we photographed their engagement session and both spent time growing up in the park. Nick’s colleagues from the fire department were kind enough to help us out with the local fire engine so we could take some photos with the truck and even carried out the vintage fire hose carts from the town. After spending some time at the park we headed over to the Maritime Park Museum where the fog rolled in and ended our session. Sami and Nick kept me laughing the entire time and I know they are going to keep the smiles rolling on their wedding day.

The Proposal

From Nick:

The proposal took place at the exact same bar/restaurant we met at. I took Sami there a week before Thanksgiving Eve for dinner and drinks to celebrate our anniversary. Prior to going I spoke to the manager and staff of the establishment to set up the evening. It was just a casual meal with drinks and when it was time to pay I told her I forgot the money in my truck. I ran out to my truck to get the ring and this gave my friend time to sneak in for pictures. The ring was wrapped in a large gift box and upon returning I gave it to Sami and said happy anniversary. She didn’t want to open it at the bar but I insisted. The first portion she opened was a cd, Frankie Ballard with the song “It all started with a beer” - exactly how we started. She then moved on to a scarf like box and when she opened it she found a much smaller box which she opened then I grabbed the ring box within. At that point I got down on one knee... and the rest is history.

From Sami:

Finally we get a free Friday ( November 16) and we decided to go to Five Points Restaurant. We sit, get some drinks, eat way to much food, and hang out for a bit. I’m getting tired so we ask for the bill. He says he has to run to the truck because he has money in there.  And with this he walks in with a present. I ask what it’s for and he says “well it’s almost the anniversary of when we met so I got you some things” (naturally I panic our anniversary is next week and I have nothing with me!). He wants me to open it in the restaurant, I want to open it in the car or home, he insists so I oblige. So with that I go to open this present that is wrapped with mininons paper and Christmas paper. Which makes me laugh because it’s just so Nick. I open the first smaller one and I am completely stumped because it’s a cd ( who buys CDs), Nick can see I’m perplexed so tells me to turn it over and then it registers. It’s a country artist Frankie Ballard with a song called “It All Started with a Beer” that I sent to him when it first came out because that’s how it all started for us, with a beer in the restaurant we are currently sitting in. 

Then I try to open the next larger one that is taped all to well. Finally get it open and there’s a smaller box inside so I open that one and there’s another box in there and with that Nick takes it from me and gets down one knee. I don’t entirely remember what he said because I instantly start crying now he’s crying and he’s waiting for an answer which was an obvious yes!  

With that I turn around and his friend Jackie is there taking pictures, apparently she was there the entire time, and she got a complete stranger to take a video of the whole thing while she snuck pictures!! 

And then Nick turns around and says I have one more surprise. I follow with I can’t handle any more surprises tonight but he  tells me it’s a good one. My sister came home from the city and both of our families are on their way (my poor brother in law was stuck in another state). We celebrated with a massive carrot cake my mom made and we ended up sharing it with the entire restaurant. Needless to say I was so surprised and definitely did not see it coming. And I couldn’t be more happy or excited to be spending the rest on my life with this man!

Wedding Day Anticipations:

The whole thing! The family, the friends, the love. We love a good party and just want everyone to have a great time. I get to marry my best friend and we get to continue on this amazing journey and life we have created for ourselves.

The Perfect Weekend Together:

Truthfully just being together is perfect. I think depending on the time of year it would be us out on the boat having some drinks and playing some games or taking the paddle board out. Or a nice quiet weekend upstate whether it’s just the two of us or some friends or family is with us is also just as great. Throw in some great food and we are set!

Wedding Date:

November 8, 2019