Rustic Chic and Summer The Staaten Wedding Photography: Staten Island, New York

Kaitlin and John tied the knot at St. Peter’s Church on Staten Island on a bright sunny summer day. Their wedding day included all their favorite neighborhood spots and began by getting ready at their family homes. Kaitlin wore a stunning gown with floral appliques and even had a removable skirt! After the formalities were completed, we visited some of their favorite childhood spots with their wedding party and headed to La Greci’s Restaurant for the reception. Kaitlin knew since she was a little girl she would have her wedding at La Greci’s and had the room decorated in gold and pink that included a custom neon O’Hara sign! Congrats Kaitlin and John!

The Proposal

His Version:

Katie and I have been friends since approximately the start of the millennium, but we became closer about 7 years ago. Closer meaning that we hung out together much more often than usual and eventually one thing leading to another, we became an item. I had many different ideas for the perfect proposal, however, being that Kaitlin is my future in-laws only daughter I wanted to have them close by for this precious time.  I proposed to Katie in her childhood home. Subtle yet paramount to my vision.

Her Version:

John and I first met in high school as we were both part of the same close group of friends. By the end of college, we had completely lost touch (as most people from high school do). He went off to play professional baseball and I graduated college and began my teaching career. A few years into what I suppose I can call my adult life (career + responsibilities = adulting, right?), I was working a second job in a restaurant owned by a mutual high school friend. In walks John O'Hara. I hadn't seen or spoken to him in years, but we immediately became inseparable. We hung out together every day; we got to know everything about each other, shared all of our secrets, and had THE MOST fun together. Everyone would always tell me how they thought he had feelings for me, but I always brushed it off with the reply that we were just friends (because we were). One summer day, in an instant, everything changed. We fell for each other. We started dating and have been together ever since. Five years later, he proposed. We are much more established than the 25 year olds we were when we THOUGHT we were adulting, and although I didn't always make the wait easy, it was definitely worth it. On a random Sunday, December 16, 2019, we were sitting in my parent’s house. Suddenly my boyfriend and my father were both standing over me. I was very confused (to which I now understand it was due to my father's excitement that he had to have a front row seat), but in the next second John was on his knee asking me to marry him. It was the most perfect proposal because we are both very close to my parents, and it meant so much to them and to me that it was the four of us. We went to a neighborhood bar and celebrated with all of our closest friends and family and have been on cloud nine ever since.

Wedding Planning Tip:

ake your time and don't stress about things; try to enjoy it, don't fight about silly things and don't go too over the top; figure out what is most important to you before you start planning (photos, flowers, DJ) so if/when you have to make sacrifices it is easier to figure out; have someone who is your go-to and who will tell you the truth about things you are unsure about; keep a spreadsheet of all spending so you can stay on track (esp around the times you are buying little things because they will all add up) and don't put too many things off.


Event Management, Entertainment, Production and Event Decor: Christopher Guzzo @MakingMemorEase_eventmgmt

Venue: The Staaten @official_staaten

Church: St. Peter’s Church

Florist: Elle NY @elle_ny

Catering: The Staaten @official_staaten

Cake: Renato’s Pastry Shoppe @renatospastry

Officiant: Matthew Asante

Videography: Michael Scoblete Films

Bridal Gown DesignerCalla Blanche @callablancedress

Wedding Hair & Makeup by: Mancini Giuffre @mancinigiuffre

Groom's Attire: Vera Wang @verawanggang

Groom’s Shoes: Joseph Abboud @josephabboud

Wedding Bands & Engagement Ring Designer: Buono Jewelers @buono_jewelers

Shuttle Company: Legendary Limousines @lengendarylimousines

Honeymoon:  Greece