Wedding Planning: Fun Props On Your Wedding Day

Sparklers + Confetti Canons + Smoke Bombs

Using props is an incredibly fun addition to any party, especially your wedding. Not only is incorporating fun objects into your special day a joyous opportunity, but it also allows for gorgeous photography. Whether throwing confetti to portray the excitement of your wedding day or using sparklers as a romantic exit, the result will be incredible, fun, and an exciting part of the the day you can look forward to!



You’ve decided you want to use props for your grand/faux exit… so now what? It’s time to plan, plan, plan! Be sure to follow these tips for each category. And remember! You need approval from your venue before using any of these props.


The extra long sparklers are required for safety and having enough time to photograph the moment properly. Imagine the placement of your guests during your grand exit, the easiest is usually creating two rows where the bride and groom will walk down the exit line. If you decide to place guests in rows, be sure to keep the lines at least eight feet apart for safety and comfort (you will need room to walk comfortably)! Allow yourself to be creative! Think about creating a circle around the bride and groom for an incredible photo opportunity.

Appoint someone in charge of your exit! With so much to consider, this person will guide guests to where they should line up, pass out sparklers (or aid guests in picking them up from a set location), addressing when guests should light their sparklers and how to light them! It is important that sparklers are lit in a timely fashion so they don’t fizzle out before you are able to make your grand exit. Consider using the sparklers with only the wedding party and your parents to keep the event manageable, fun, and safe. Photos are best when each person has two sparklers, one in each hand.

Smoke Bombs:

Smoke bombs are a beautiful addition to any wedding event or photoshoot. The results of smoke bombs create a dreamy and enchanted atmosphere creating both beautiful and unique photos to remember your special day by. Smoke bombs can be used in a variety of ways throughout the day, but consider using them during husband and wife portraits on your wedding day. Whether using handheld smoke bombs to celebrate with guests or smoke off in the distance, this prop is sure to create a dreamy atmosphere!

Confetti Canons:

Confetti is fun and a great way to celebrate those exciting moments with guests throughout the day! A popular way to incorporate confetti is during your grand exit. However, there are a few other key spots you may be able to incorporate a little fun! For example, your first kiss! How fun to have confetti cannons set off by your wedding party during your first kiss or even when you are pronounced husband and wife making your exit back down the aisle. Many couples to a fun entrance to the reception, this could be the perfect opportunity to incorporate confetti and start the reception off right! Lastly, your first dance! Many couples have moved from the traditional slow dance to a more fun choreographed dance showing off their skills to guests. Make sure that all confetti is eco-friendly or biodegradable.


There are a few tips you should remember when planning for a fun exit on your wedding day!

Keep in mind your venue will need to know and approve all fun props like the one mentioned above beforehand. Not all venues allow for sparklers, confetti, or smoke. I typically recommend doing these types of photo opportunities with a smaller group of guests such as your bridal party for safety reasons. This also allows guests to enjoy the reception! For exits like the type mentioned above, remember it can take up to 20-30 minutes to organize all guests prior to taking photos.

Check out these general tips & tricks!

  • Confetti should be biodegradable and eco-friendly

  • Sparklers: Your venue will most likely recommend and require the longer sparklers (which is better for photos!)

  • All of these options need approval from your venue

  • Sparkler exits can be faux exits - it doesn't have to actually be the end of the evening

  • Smoke bombs can cause stains

  • These fun activities take planning time. Each “event” needs a little bit of time to get the photos right, but it sure is fun to play in the process.

  • Bubbles are a great alternative to the more intensive props and leave no mess behind!

  • Your wedding party and parents are the perfect amount of people to make these events happen and look good!