Maternity Sessions

 Pregnancy is a beautiful and special time in your lives that I love capturing. Not only are maternity sessions a wonderful memory for yourself, it is an incredible gift to share with your child in the future. A maternity session is a great way to bond with your partner and celebrate this incredible time in your lives. I want you to look back and enjoy these memories for years to come.



A Maternity Session comes with:

*A two hour photo shoot.

* Online gallery with high-resolution images for approval, download, print, and sharing with friends and family.

*Three retouched images (selected by you) sent digitally.

*Prints, products, and other retouched digital files are additional costs.


What to expect:  It's all about styling and planning. The more time invested in selecting wardrobe that you are comfortable in and using professional services that give you confidence, the happier you will be with the end results. We will collaborate in depth to decide on the perfect location and wardrobe to make your maternity session a success. A session typically takes 2 hours to complete and includes 1-3 outfit changes throughout the session. We will visit various spots or use different backgrounds at your chosen location or in studio and spend time taking photos that give you a variety of backgrounds and tell your maternity story. I recommend bringing a minimum of at least five outfits, that will give us options and keep the photos interesting and include a few backup options. I will help you decide which outfits would be most appropriate and in what spots or on what backgrounds.

When to schedule your maternity session:  The best time to photograph maternity photos is between 28-34 weeks of pregnancy, when you are feeling good and your belly is of ample size.


What to Wear: Imagine you are going on a date. Your wardrobe should be a direct reflection of your personality. I recommend wearing something that you are comfortable and confident in. Wardrobe should also take into consideration what type of a location (beach, park, cafe, city streets, etc) the session is going to be at. As a general rule, solid colors work best to keep the focus on you. Primary and complementary colors can offer a pop of color to add interest and energy into the photos, and monochromatic colors are the easiest to coordinate between people. Lingerie and feminine pieces that show off your belly can be really great for silhouette studio shots. Long fitted dresses can lengthen and slenderize your overall appearance yet display your ample belly.

Hair & Makeup: I recommend hiring professional hair and makeup services for your session to ensure you are confident and feeling your best. It is a good idea to bring the products used for touch ups during the session as well.

    Recommended Hair and Makeup Artists in the NYC area:        

Samantha Linn (NJ)

Melissa Formica (Jersey City) 


How to Look Natural in your Maternity Session: We are here to have fun and celebrate this incredibly exciting time in your lives and if you are having fun, looking natural will happen automatically.  Remember to focus on each other during the session. The key to a successful session is to focus on one another and your special connection and relationship. We will only do whatever you are comfortable with.  I will guide you through the session on what to do and where to look, but always feel free to take whatever I say and make it your own. 

Props and family members are a great way to personalize your photos and add interest. Props such as a sonogram photo, children's blocks, or other special item are a few ideas.


Which season is best for your maternity session:  It's very important to keep in mind climate and season for your maternity photos. I am always down for adventure, but I want you feeling comfortable and confident in your photos. This usually means avoiding the dead of winter cold and intense hot summer heat. 

Locations & Travel:  Try not to overthink selecting your location. Simple locations with significance to you as a couple are great options for your maternity session. One of your favorite places to spend time together, at home, or in studio are all great ideas. Simple locations allow the focus to truly be on you and your partner without worrying about busy backgrounds.

Maternity sessions are photographed either in the NYC area or when I am visiting an area for no additional fee. For additional travel expenses, a session can be at your desired location. If the location requires an admittance fee or permit for photography, clients are required to cover these expenses.


What if it rains on the maternity session date? Depending on the weather and season, there is always a chance of rain. Typically, we embrace the rain if rain is intermittent, only a chance, or minimal since reschedules are not always possible (think nail, hair, and makeup appointments too). If the weather is absolutely awful, we can move the location to somewhere inside or covered or try and reschedule. Light rain photos can be really magical with the right preparations. Clear umbrellas and appropriate footwear are recommended to allow us to get the best photos.

Timing: Golden Hour Light is best: Photography is all about light. The best and most flattering light is in the early morning and the late afternoon before sunset. I recommend most location sessions to begin 2 hours before sunset to capture "Golden Hour" light or 30 minutes to 1 hour after sunrise depending on your location.  Morning or sunset might have a more optimal advantage that we can consult together to make a decision on what time is best for your session and location.


Post Session: After the maternity session, you will receive a sneak peek of a few images within a couple days of the session. Next, I will send over the online gallery for your approval of all the images from our session. Once you approve the gallery, and choose your three selects for retouching, I will prepare and share a download link of all the images and work on retouching your three selected images.