Is a Venue Walkthrough Needed?

Deciding on your venue is one of the biggest wedding planning decisions you make, and I know you want to take full advantage of all your venue has to offer. Me too! I want to make sure we are prepared and ready to capture the best images possible. Here are a few reasons why I may want to walkthrough your venue before the wedding date or why I don't think its necessary.


How I work


1. Research

Before you even book me as your photographer, I have researched your venue. As soon as you initially reach out, I am researching your venue through google, the venue's website, google maps of surrounding areas, and through photography websites. From my research I am able to determine the main features of your venue that would make beautiful backdrops or locations for your photos.


2. Early Arrival

On your wedding day, I always arrive early to do a venue walkthrough before I come to see you and begin photographing. The day of is the best time for me to do a walkthrough. This way I can see the venue in the exact lighting conditions of the day, what options are currently available, and what is going to be best for YOUR day. I am always going to make my decisions for photos the day of the wedding based on the best light so that you get the best quality photos. It's not helpful to see your venue in a different season or conditions and make decisions that won't actually work for your wedding day. Example: We decide to do your formals under a beautiful  rose covered arch, but come the day of the wedding, we find out the roses died in an unexpected frost. 


3. Confidence

Even if I haven't been to your venue, I know I have photographed enough weddings to feel completely confident in being able to adapt quickly as the wedding day unfolds and provide you with the best photographs I can produce. I always bring professional gear to photograph in all types of situations and scenarios.


Why I Might Want To Do A Venue Walkthrough?


1. Complex timelines and set ups

2. Unique or non-traditional events

3. Your Venue is an entirely new venue

If your venue is brand new, (or even still being built!) I most likely will decide to do a venue walkthrough before the wedding. New venues often don't have many images or examples of the venue in different scenarios for me to research prior and be properly prepared.


The most important thing to know is I would never walk into your wedding day unprepared. I will always have a game plan in mind and be ready to tackle every situation.