Final Wedding Day Preparations

It's finally here!  We are only days away from your wedding date and all your hard work, preparation, and effort are about to be enjoyed.  I wanted to let you know I am looking forward to capturing your wedding celebration and documenting your love story as it unfolds. I know you have a lot on your mind right now, so I wanted to share with you a final checklist to ensure we are able to capture the best images possible and stay on schedule.


Getting Ready

I will spend 45-75 minutes with each partner and your wedding party while you are getting ready. It is key to keep the room clear of clutter and extra bags. I will need an area by a window clear, clean, and free of people to photograph all your details. Please make sure to have the following items ready to go in a bag (I like to call this “the bri bag") with handles for me when I arrive, so we can keep on schedule. 


  1. Gown or Suit jacket/shirt on a nice hanger (wooden or other hanger, but not a dry cleaner hanger) buttoned up. Bridal gowns should have ALL dress tissue paper and cardboard removed.

  2. Shoes, socks, tie, cuff links, watch, jewelry, something blue, garter, perfume, makeup and any other items you are wearing or are special.

  3. An invitation suite, including any save the dates & RSVP cards. (Please have these with the bouquets).

  4. The Rings (both wedding bands & engagement ring). (Please have these with the bouquets).

  5. Wedding Party Gifts (if applicable).

  6. Your vows (if applicable).

  7. Gift or Card Exchange (if applicable).

  8. Your bouquet or boutonnière (The flowers you wear on your jacket lapel).

  9. Please have the wedding party wearing any special getting ready attire (robes, shirts, etc) or be wearing pants and undershirts, when I arrive.

TIPS: Know how to tie your bowtie or fold your pocket squares before the morning of the wedding day. You will also want to know how to pin a boutonniere.

TIPS: Schedule an extra hour for your hair and makeup. I want you relaxed, sipping champagne when I arrive and not stressed because things are running behind.


Important Last Minute Reminders


1. Sharing Our Timeline

I highly recommend you share our timeline with your immediate family and bridal party. This way all the integral people involved have a clear vision of events and when they are happening.

It's a great idea to send out last minute reminders to any extended family involved in the formal portraits so they know when they are needed for photos. I also recommend designating a "point person" who knows all involved in the photos to help locate and organize people faster, that way we can make sure no one is missing and we work quickly.

Tip: Print out copies of our schedule for key people involved in the wedding party and family and hand out at the rehearsal dinner.


2. hair & makeup Point Person

It's a great idea to appoint a friend or family member to be in charge of checking your hair and makeup throughout the day. They can help let you know when you need a touch up throughout the day to ensure you're always looking your best! Don't worry I'm always looking too, but sometimes they know nuances that I wouldn't.


3. Last Minute Bridal Party + Family Tips

Your bridal party and immediate family members are the people who are going to show up in your photos the most, so we want them looking their best too! Here are a few tips to ensure they are looking amazing in photos.

1. Ignore the camera - I'm hoping to catch real moments between you and your favorite people. I'll make sure to ask you to look at the camera if I need you to.

2. No gum or hair ties around the wrist - No one looks good while chewing gum in photos and hair ties are super distracting to your beautiful look.

3. Make sure to smile - Don't forget to smile when you're front and center - especially while walking down the aisle, watching the ceremony, and being introduced into the reception. It's an incredibly happy so don't be afraid to show it!

4. Put your camera/devices away - This is a magical day! Be present, celebrate, and enjoy the events of the day. I promise to share photographs with everyone!

We are going to have a beautiful, fun, and stress free day. I can't wait to work with you and meet all your closest friends and family members.