Wedding Day Timeline

It’s important to have a timeline for your wedding day. I want to ensure you have a fun and stress-free day with beautiful images to look back on. It is difficult to create an example timeline because every wedding is a unique event, but I wanted to share with you ideal timeframes to consider when planning for a smooth and effortless day. Some of these time frames may sound long, but keep in mind that the day will fly by, most weddings run behind schedule, and I will ensure that everyone is having fun!


 Bride or Partner's preparation, details, and portraits

This section of the day includes finishing hair and makeup, detail shots of invitations, shoes, jewelry, dress, etc, and a couple portraits. If there is time we can also photograph you with immediate family and bridal party. Having a full hour ensures we have time to get the perfect shots of your attire, rings, shoes and other items.

There are times when the room is too crowded or cluttered and I have to take items to other locations. I always recommend having all items (dress or attire, rings, invitations, bouquet, shoes, jewelry, gifts, garter, etc) ready to go for when I arrive so that I can begin immediately upon arriving. I recommend also keeping one side of the room (near a window) clean and decluttered so that we save time on cleaning the room for photos. It is a nice idea for any clothing to be hanging on a wooden hanger and that one client has both rings and invitation suite in the morning so I can photograph everything.

I also highly recommend having the second photographer and myself photographing together. That way we can photograph everything quicker and different events at the same time. Usually Bri works on the details shots, while the second photographers capture candids of everything happening.

Ideal Time Allotment- 1 hour

Ideal Time of Day- Morning

Ideal Location- Bridal Suite, Family House, or Hotel Suite


Groom or Partner preparation, details, and portraits

This section of the day includes photographing you getting dressed, details (shoes, attire, tie, watches, or other items to be worn) and a quick portrait. Again if there is time we can also photograph you with immediate family and bridal party at this time. I recommend having all items  (attire) on a nice hanger, shoes, cufflinks, etc) ready to go for when I arrive. Again, using a nice wooden hanger when possible over a dry cleaner hanger is ideal.

It is also beneficial to have Bri and the second photographer working together at this time to photograph everything in the quickest amount of time and simultaneously capture details and key members getting ready. I understand due to time constraints this is not always possible. Under these circumstances Bri and the second photographer will split up.

Ideal Time Allotment- 30-45 minutes

Ideal Time of Day- Morning

Ideal Location-  Hotel Suite or Home


First Look

The first look is a great way to have a private moment with your loved one. It also allows everyone to have their formal portraits taken when they are looking fresh and leaves the rest of the day to the flow of events. The first look is only about 5-10 minutes and the rest of the time is spent taking a few portraits before the ceremony or other formal photos. It is completely ok if you prefer to not see each other before the ceremony. We will work together to create a schedule that fits your day.

Ideal Time Allotment- 20-30 minutes

Ideal Time of Day- Morning/ Early Afternoon

Ideal Location-  Venue Gardens, Hallways, or other shaded areas.



Formals include the bridal party and both immediate nuclear and extended family shots. These can be taken in one large timeframe or are more typically broken into smaller timeframes throughout the day. I share a checklist sheet with you of traditional combinations that you can choose from when deciding who to take photographs with.


                       Ideal Time Allotment- Minimum 1 Hour Total (30 minutes for family and 30 minutes for bridal party)                                                                  

I recommend 45 minutes for family photos and 30 minutes for larger bridal parties depending on sizes and combinations.

Ideal Time of Day- Early Afternoon or Post Ceremony

Ideal Location-  Ceremony Site or Nearby (Large shaded areas are needed)


Couples Session
A couples session is just the couple alone and the most important photographic session of the day. This is the time to capture the love behind the entire day and spend some time alone with your loved one. The couples session is ideally one hour before sunset because this is the best time of day in terms of lighting. This session can be broken down into different segments throughout the day also. (Example: 30 minutes prior ceremony and then 30 minutes around sunset). 

                                                                Ideal Time Allotment- 30-60 minutes                                                     

Ideal Time of Day- Late Afternoon (Ideally 1 Hour before sunset) or Post Ceremony

Ideal Location-  Venue Gardens & Grounds, Parks nearby, Ceremony Site, Etc.


Please reach out with any questions regarding your timeline for your wedding day. We will work together to create a schedule that works best for you and your day


Bri Johnson